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Patrick J. Reynolds (born 1963 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a noted visual artist and Published author. Reynolds' work is in collections throughout the United States, including the Pentagon, Covenant Hospice non-profit art center,and Tyndall Air force Base. He is known for his unusual style and application of materials where he creates large scale works. He is also known for his dynamic teaching style. Including the use of a variety of tools in the art world including the airbrush and raw graphite.


Patrick has collaborated with artist and writers encouraging the education of all art forms. Terry Hill in writing major pieces and furthering the art form as a major contributor in Airbrush magazine


Reynolds' work has been exhibited in one man shows in galleries and gala events. Wyland Gallery,[1] Allure Gallery],[2] Reynolds Gallery (Birmingham, Alabama), .[3]


Reynolds is an accomplished author, with titles including Principals of Peace.,.[4][5] Journey of Dreams, and Tears of a Dreamer. And created a series of videos on the subject of airbrush uses ranging from lettering, color theory, and painting directly in metal.


Awards include, Highest money raised for a charity event 2010 [1], Honorary speaker International airbrush awards (Milan, Italy), Best paint in the World of Wheels Auto Show 1980, using the airbrush. (the youngest painter to do so at age 17)


Patrick has written articles in many publications on a wide scope of the art world, many in Airbrush Action Magazine (Newark, New Jersey), for example "Airbrushing Special Effects on Vinyl" in Signs of the Times Magazine[6] and "How to Start a Vinyl Lettering Business" in Sign Builder[7] Other articles include pieces in Art Business News, The News Herald, Airbrush Zeitung, and Truckin Magazine.[citation needed]


Reynolds has been involved heavily in charities such as [ .[8] Children's Home Society for battered women and children, and Covenant Hospice.,[9] where fine art is auctioned off and proceeds go directly to help those in need.


Major works include, Heaven's Hues America.,[10] Principals of Peace,[11] Beyond the Storm, Tears of a Dreamer, Journey of Dreams,[Books 1] Amore Di Dio, Bella Rosa, and Eternal Embrace.

Artist Patrick J. Reynolds was born in New Orleans in 1963 where he began his long and distinguished career. At age 11 he began winning awards and receiving the respect of the elite of the art world. Having unlimited styles at his disposal in the art community of New Orleans, Patrick decided early on to not conform to any of them, Instead, carving out his own way creating a style never before seen. Today, Patrick is the only artist in the United States to maintain graphite block and limestone suspended in oil. As he developed the medium over time, graphite figurative romanticism was born. And one could easily say that his art will be carved into the history books and studied for generations to come. Today, Patrick pushes the envelope of his style, forever exploring the stories that can be told through art. The signature style remains evident in every new layout drawing or final masterpiece. "The passion is the same" says Patrick. "It's a burning desire to begin a piece that has already been completed in my head. It must materialize, it must come to life.". [12][13]"Fanciful or not, the winged beings tell the tales that course through Reynolds' soul and spring from his fingertips." Says . Patrick begins his pieces by grinding graphite and limestone into boiled linseed oil and varying thickness on his palette. He then uses a brush to swirl the mixture onto the board creating both texture and form. The result becomes a rock hard fine art that will last for centuries. Art collectors from all walks of life describe the work as moving, and that is what it is intended to do, move you. Rarely, if ever, does it match the couch or the curtains. Patrick's work falls into the category of generational collections. Found in some of the most prestigious corporate and family collections in the world. As a published author, of his art and writings such as Principals of Peace, Patrick continues work on new projects such as Journey of Dreams, a new book due out this summer, and Tears of a Dreamer, a book based on the philosophies of Patrick Reynolds works. Known for painting notable art works as "Heavens Hues America". An angel bows her head over an American flag and weeps. And "Eternal Embrace", the piece depicting two people becoming one.


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