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Patrick Johnston is an American peace activist and founder of VOXRX.ORG, a United Nations recognized peace and conciliations NGO that mostly deals with the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.


VOXRX.ORG is a group providing lobbying and communication activities to political refugees and the displaced in regions of conflict and hostility. This level of activity has provided services to resistance and political groups seeking freedom in Afghanistan, Africa and most notably the Middle East conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis.


Educated at the University of Maryland and the University of Washington, with advanced studies through the United States Coast Guard Academy, Mr. Johnston served in the US Air Force, the US Army and has a commission from the United States Coast Guard.


Serious and extensive military injuries and first hand exposure to the brutalities of wars and hostile conflicts, Johnston made a conscious decision to represent the needs of those dispossessed and brutalized by armed conflict to oppose violence and to provide a method whereby the voices and truths of facts on the ground would be represented throughout the international media to counter official propaganda.

Peace work[edit]

Mr. Johnston has authored hundreds of articles and documents in support of the Palestinian struggle and his work is recognized in every country worldwide. He is well known by the leaders of the Palestinian Authority and amongst the Palestinian resistance groups. He had one of his position papers accepted by the International Court of Justice, in the Hague, Netherlands, detailing facts regarding the illegality of the Israeli West Bank barrier being constructed by the Israeli government. Another of his articles was printed in the Gale series,

Opposing viewpoints[edit]

His book titled Israel: Opposing Viewpoints about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, arguing that Israel engages in state terrorism.

He has been commended by government leaders throughout the world and has been invited to attend peace conferences in India, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Indonesia and other areas. Johnston received special recognition from the Gandhi Foundation, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and from several recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. He also was recognized for his work by the Southern Poverty Law Center and is recognized on their Wall of Tolerance.

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