P. J. Hasham

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Patrick Joseph Hasham
Bh pjh1.jpg
Blue Heelers character
Portrayed by Martin Sacks
Duration 484 episodes
First appearance A Women's Place
Episode 1 (Pilot), 18/1/1993
Last appearance Another Day At The Office
Episode 484, 10/8/2005
Occupation Detective Senior Constable
Acting Sergeant (Uniformed Officer) (Self Demoted)
Detective Senior Constable (Senior Detective)

Patrick Joseph "P. J." Hasham was a fictional character in Australia's police series Blue Heelers. He was an original character, portrayed by Martin Sacks, in 1994 and left in 2005. He was a Detective senior constable from 1993-2001 and later promoted to Senior Detective 2001-2005 until he took a job in Melbourne in Homicide in 2005, season 12, episode 484, "Another day at the Office part 2", just 16 episodes before finishing season 12.

In 1996, PJ shot a woman dead in self-defense and had to deal with her psychotic son Luke Darcy. He was romantically involved with Maggie Doyle and the two became engaged but she was killed off from the series in 2000. He was framed for Maggie's murder and looked desperately to clear his name and prove that he had been framed. He later realised that the killer was her brother Mick. In 2002, PJ's mother died of cancer, which affected him deeply. Later he became engaged to Jo Parrish, but they broke up because he was haunted by Maggie's memory. Soon after, Jo died in an explosion. After the explosion of the Mount Thomas Police station, PJ was partnered with Amy Fox until he joined a Homicide Squad in Melbourne. His final episode of Blue Heelers was Another Day At The Office Pt 2.it is possible PJ might have got posted to Nick[clarification needed] police station in homicide when he took the job. PJ was promoted Senior Detective in season 8.


Maggie Doyle[edit]

P.J. Hasham with Tom Croydon, his close friend and Maggie Doyle, the love of his life

PJ worked closely with Maggie on several occasions throughout her first 2–3 years at Mt Thomas (from 1994 to 1996), growing closer together, sometimes at odds with each other, sometimes exceptionally close to each other, yet over this time they never actually committed to anything other than a close working relationship. This changed in 1997 when they were caught together in a mine collapse. Cold dark and alone together for the night in the mine, they finally succumbed to their feelings for each other. After the events of the Mine disaster however they still did not take their relationship any further preferring to put their work first.

Later on in 1997 Maggie Doyle's brother Robbie came to stay with her, and despite denying he still had a drug problem, PJ was highly suspect of his every move, putting further stress on his relationship with Maggie, who preferred to stay loyal to her brother. After Robbie was proven to be responsible for several burglaries on local farms, Maggie finally realised PJ's suspicion of Robbie was not out of jealousy, but a genuine want to protect her, they then commenced a secret affair.

Fearing that one of them would be forced to transfer if knowledge of their relationship became public, they managed to keep it secret until events in 1999 revolving around Maggie getting deeply involved in a drugs investigation resulted in the truth coming out. During this time, Maggie went missing, only for her car to be found burnt out with the charred remains of a human body inside. The body inside was not Maggie's, but that of a witness she was trying to protect. As a result of this, Maggie was sent into witness protection for a period of time, and when she did return, she was again questioning her relationship with PJ.

Later that year, she was able to put her questions aside, and agreed to marry PJ. The 2 were engaged in late 1999, and in early 2000 where in the midst of planning their wedding, when the same case that had seen her go into witness protection reared its head again, Maggie's house was burnt down, with both Maggie and PJ lucky to get out alive, and only a few days later, Maggie was shot dead. At first PJ was a major suspect in the investigation into her murder, but later on it was proven that her brother Michael was in fact responsible as he had gotten deeply into the same drug ring Maggie had been investigating. Mick was then shot by Pat Doyle, Maggie and Mick's father.

Jo Parrish[edit]

After Maggie Doyle's death, PJ had moved on and begun sleeping with Jo Parrish. PJ told Jo he did not love her at the end of season 9. But when a hostage situation involving Jo occurred, PJ proclaimed his love for her in season 10 in the episode "Thicker than water" They became engaged in season 11, however, when a case involving Maggie's policing came up, PJ started to have nightmares about Maggie and started to obsess over the case to protect her name. While talking someone out of suicide[clarification needed], he told her that you can only have one great love but it doesn't normally work out; he then went on to say Maggie was his great love. Jo overheard this conversation and broke the engagement. Shortly after, Jo was killed in the bombing of the Mount Thomas station. PJ is the third most significant character after Tom and Chris.[citation needed]