Patrick Kennedy (1823–1858)

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Patrick Kennedy
Born February 16, 1823
New Ross, Ireland
Died November 22, 1858(1858-11-22) (aged 35)
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Cause of death Cholera
Resting place Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
Occupation Farmer
Religion Catholicism
Spouse(s) Bridget Murphy
(m. 1849)
  • Mary L. Kennedy
  • Joanna L. Kennedy
  • John Kennedy III
  • Margaret M. Kennedy
  • P. J. Kennedy
Parent(s) James Kennedy ,Sr. and Maria Kennedy
Relatives See Kennedy family

Patrick Kennedy (February 16, 1823 – November 22, 1858) was an Irish farmer and Businessman/politician who moved to East Boston, Massachusetts from County Wexford, Ireland. He was born in New Ross, Ireland. He was the father of businessman/politician P. J. Kennedy, paternal grandfather of businessman/politician Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., and patrilineal great-grandfather of World War II casualty Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and longtime Senator Ted Kennedy.

Early life[edit]

Patrick Kennedy was the youngest son of farmer James Kennedy ,Sr. (1770–1840) and his wife Maria (c. 1779 – February 16, 1835).[1] James Kennedy was born in Dunganstown,[2] (Whitechurch, New Ross, County Wexford) in Ireland to John Kennedy (1738–1803) and Bridget Shallow (1744–1774). James inherited a small farm from his father during the Penal Law times in Ireland. Patrick had three older siblings:

  • Mary Kennedy, who married James Molloy
  • John Kennedy II (1804–1864), who married Mary K. Gunnip (1816–1881) and was a local farmer.
  • James Kennedy, Jr. (1816–1881), who married Catherine Colfer and was also a local farmer.

Patrick Kennedy's father James kennedy ,Sr. (1770-1840) was an Irish local farmer and politician, He was the paternal grandfather of Businessman/politation P. J. kennedy or "Patrick Joseph kennedy" (1858-1929) and the paternal great-grandfather of Businessman/politation Joseph P. kennedy ,Sr. or "Joseph Patrick kennedy ,Sr." (1888-1969) and also the paternal great-great grandfather of 35° President of the United States John F. kennedy (1917-1963).James,Sr. was born in Dunganstown, county Wexford in Ireland, He was the son of Irish farmer and Businessman John Kennedy (1738-1804) and Bridget shallow (1744-1814), James,Sr. Married Maria Kennedy (1779-1835) in 1798 in Ireland, and they had four children : John Kennedy II (1804-1864) was a local farmer businessman, James Kennedy ,Jr. (1816-1881) was also a local farmer and businessman, Mary Kennedy (1820-1898), Patrick Kennedy (1823–1858) was also a farmer and businessman, Patrick was the only of his three brothers who died from Cholera at the age of 35, and the first who died of his three brothers, all them live widly after him.

James Kennedy ,Sr. died in 1840 at the age of 70.

His father John Kennedy was also born in Dunganstown, county Wexford in Ireland, the eldest son of businessman Thomas Kennedy (1703-1788) and Rose E. Davis or "Rose Elizabeth Davis Kennedy" (1706-1790) daughter of John F."Francis" Fitzgerald Davis (1660-1657), John Kennedy was the paternal great-great-great grandfather of 35° U.S president John F. Kennedy.[3]


At the age of 26, Kennedy decided to leave Ireland, largely because he knew that a third-born son had virtually no hope of running his family's farm. His good friend at Cherry Bros. Brewery in New Ross, Patrick Barron, who taught Kennedy the skills of coopering, had come to that conclusion months earlier and left for America. In October 1848, Patrick Kennedy decided to follow.[4]

Patrick Kennedy arrived in Boston on April 22, 1849, having sailed from Liverpool, England on the Washington Irving, a substantial packet ship from the East Boston yard of Donald McKay. Patrick Barron helped settle him into Boston life and organized his coopering job on Noddle's Island (present-day East Boston). Not long after, Barron's cousin Bridget Murphy (daughter of Phillip Murphy and Mary Barron)[5] made her way to Boston and married Kennedy, on September 26, 1849 in the Holy Redeemer Church by Father John Williams, who later became Boston's Roman Catholic Archbishop.[6]


Patrick and Bridget had five children:

Name Birth Death Notes
Mary L. Kennedy August 6, 1851 March 7, 1926 Married on January 1, 1883 to Lawrence M. Kane; had five children.
Joanna L. Kennedy November 27, 1852 February 23, 1926 Married on September 22, 1872 to Humphrey Charles Mahoney; had eight children.
John Kennedy III January 4, 1854 September 24, 1855 Died from cholera
Margaret M. Kennedy July 18, 1855 April 2, 1929 Married on February 21, 1882 to John Caulfield; had eight children.
Patrick Joseph "P. J." Kennedy January 14, 1858 May 18, 1929 Married on November 23, 1887 to Mary Augusta Hickey; had four children.

Patrick died on November 22, 1858, from cholera.


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