Patrick Ladeen Curran

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Patrick Ladneen Curran (29 July 1906 – July (the first day of the races) 1993)was King of the Claddagh.


Curran had been born and raised in the Old Claddagh, prior to its demolition in the 1930s. He emigrated to Britain, and the U.S., where he met and married Kate Gannon of the Long Walk, Galway, on St. Stephen's Day 1930. Elected King in his retirement, he was delighted to represent his community at the Galway Races, the St. Patrick's Day Parades, as well as national television.

Upon his death in 1989, the kingship was allowed to lapse for some years until revived with the election of Mike Lynskey.


Preceded by
Martin Oliver (Claddagh)
King of the Claddagh
1973 – 1989
Succeeded by
Mike Lynskey