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Patrick Lichty
Alma materBowling Green State University
Known forRTMark/The Yes Men, Second Front

Patrick Lichty is a conceptual media artist, activist, curator, and educator. Lichty is currently a Creative Digital Media professor at Winona State University.[citation needed]


RTMark/The Yes Men[edit]

In 1997, Lichty joined the activist collective RTMark (pronounced "art-mark").[1][failed verification] Lichty is also member of RTMark's successor group The Yes Men.[1]

Digital tapestry[edit]

He is a creator of digital tapestries, in particular, Jacquard weaving.[1][2] In December 2014, he had a solo exhibition of his tapestry and robotic drawing work called "Sensible Concepts: Mediation as a Way of Being".[3][4]

Virtual reality, Second Life, Second Front[edit]

He is a co-founder of Second Front, a pioneering Second Life performance art group.[1][5]


Lichty's work is in collections of The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN[6][better source needed] and the Smithsonian.[7] He also works as a curator[8] and critic.[9]


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