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Patrick Maher
Portrait of American author Patrick Maher by Khun Nan, 2010
Born (1965-05-11)May 11, 1965
East Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Genre Fiction
Notable works

Candid Confessions

Pleng's Song

Patrick Maher (born 1965 in Grand Rapids, Michigan), is an American writer. He has written two books, Candid Confessions and Pleng's Song. A third, Memories of Gaslight, remained unpublished.[1]


Maher's first novel, Candid Confessions, reached No. 1 on Amazon Japan's best seller list in 2001.[2][not in citation given] In May 2008 Maher announced another book, Memories of Gaslight, but it remained unpublished.[3]

Maher wrote Pleng's Song, a story about a young girl's adventure in the Bangkok floods. The story was inspired by Maher's personal experience of almost drowning in the 2011 Thailand Floods.[4][5] The book received mostly positive reviews from The Nation (Thailand), The Times of India, República, The Kathmandu Post, Tripoli Post and The Himalayan Times.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12] In an interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Zee News, Maher said that the book was "never intended to be a flooding adventure".[7][13]

Personal life[edit]

Maher grew up in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was the son of a pediatric allergist and an emotionally troubled mother.[1] After completing schooling from East Grand Rapids High School, Michigan, he studied at Skidmore College and Albion College.[1] In 1995, Maher immigrated to Busan, South Korea, then to Hiroshima, and later to Kokura, where he wrote Candid Confessions. Five years later, he moved to Thailand, where he married an insurance agent in 2001.[6] By 2002 he had settled in the Khlong Sam Wa district of Bangkok, where as of 2008 he works as a schoolteacher.[3]


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