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Patrick Mimran (born 1956 in Paris) is a French multimedia artist.


Mimran initially devoted himself to the business world. Along with his brother, Jean Claude, he was co-director of Lamborghini until 1987,[citation needed] when it was sold to Chrysler. Later, he entered the art world as a multitask artist, working with painting, photography, video art, sculpture and installations. He also composes electronic music in collaboration with Peter Greenaway and also Maurice Béjart for his ballet Kurozuka (Bunkan Kalkan Theatre, Tokyo).[1]

Mimran mixes contemporary references with historical film and other memories (Les Rythmes du temps, installation, 1996). One aspect of his body of work is represented by photographs of shopping windows, escalators or parking entrances (Car Parks in New York, Venice ; Prélèvements urbains, Paris ; Temple Steps, Miami, shows presented between 2006 and 2008).[2][citation needed]

Mimran initiated in 1999 in New York and has been pursuing in Miami, Venice, and Tokyo his Billboard Project using tagline thoughts on the artworld ("I'’m the Best in the West").[3]


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