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Patrick Tilley (born 4 July 1928) is a British science fiction author best known for The Amtrak Wars series of books - a futureworld epic set on the eve of the third millennium in a world emerging from the ravages of a dimly understood global holocaust.[1] The name "Amtrak" - appropriated by a specific group of survivors - is a name remembered from what is called "The Old Time". Contrary to what has been suggested, the author, his literary agents, and publishers have never been contacted by the current Amtrak organisation over an infringement of trademark[citation needed].

Interviews with the author via his own website were removed when the forum section was terminated at his own request. The Forum section of the website has since been made available again.


The Amtrak Wars[edit]

  1. Cloud Warrior (1983)
  2. First Family (1985)
  3. Iron Master (1987)
  4. Blood River (1988)
  5. Death-Bringer (1989)
  6. Earth-Thunder (1990)

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