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St Peter Church, Worcester Massachusetts
Saint Anselm College's Alumni Hall - 1889

Patrick W. Ford (1847–1900) was an Irish-American architect who, along with Patrick C. Keely of Brooklyn and James Murphy of Providence, Rhode Island designed many Roman Catholic churches built in the eastern part of United States through the latter half of the 19th century.

He was born in Ballincollig, Ireland, and educated at Queen's College Cork, Ford emigrated to the United States in 1866. He briefly lived in New York where he may have worked in the office of Patrick C. Keely, and then went to work for architects E. Boyden & Son in Worcester, Massachusetts.[1]

In 1872 Ford moved to Boston and opened his own practice. He was widely recognized as an authority on church architecture and his practice focused primarily on designing churches and institutional buildings for the Roman Catholic Church in New England. Ford died suddenly at age 52 in August 1900.


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