Patrimoine Ferroviaire et Tourisme

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Patrimoine Ferroviaire et Touristique (in French)
Toerisme en Spoor Patrimonium (in Dutch)
2011-08-15 64.169 PN Reuleau.jpg
PFT's 64.169 at a Gala on the Chemin de fer du Bocq, 15 August 2011.
TerminusSt Ghislan
Preservation history
11 August 1988Society formed

Patrimoine Ferroviaire et Tourisme (in French) (PFT) are a society dedicated to the preservation of Belgian railway heritage. They cover a number of aspects of railway enthusiasm, operating charter trains, maintaining heritage locomotives (steam and diesel) and operating a museum at Saint-Ghislain.

Charter Trains[edit]

PFT operate charter trains on the Belgian railway network. They have their own train of carriages and fleet of locomotives which are passed by Infrabel for these operations. Both steam and diesel locomotives are used. PFT are often called upon to run trains celebrating railway milestones, e.g. they organised the final workings for the recently withdrawn Class 15 & Class 16 locomotives.

Preservation of Belgian Railway Heritage[edit]

This takes place at their museum in Saint-Ghislain and at their site within SNCB's Schaerbeek depot. Maintenance of the operational fleet takes place at Schaerbeek, and vehicle restoration is centred on Saint-Ghislain. The museum is host to a number of model railway events each year.

Fleet List[1][edit]

Steam Locomotives[edit]

Ty2-3554 running as 26.101 at Mechelen
  • CFR 230 084 (numbered SNCB 64.169)
  • PKP Ty2-3554 (numbered SNCB 26.101)
  • Krupp Knapsack Cn2t 3113 (ex Westfälische Almetalbahn Nr 10)
  • Cockerill Bt 2331 (small shunter with vertical boiler)
  • La Meuse Bt 3235

Diesel Locomotives[edit]

210.077 at Dorinne-Durnal on the CfB

Electric Locomotives[edit]

Electric Multiple Units[edit]

Diesel Multiple Units[edit]

4506 at Spontin on the CfB

Chemin de fer du Bocq[edit]

PFT have taken over the 21 km long Ciney - Spontin - Yvoir railway line (also known as line 128) and operate it as the Chemin de fer du Bocq (CFB) heritage railway. It retains a connection to the national network at Ciney, which facilitates PFT using main line locomotives at their events. A gala is held every year around 15 August. During 2012 CrossRail AG provided a class 66 locomotive as a feature. In 2015, 16 kilometers (between Ciney and Evrehailles-Bauche) are operational. In 2016, the terminal section between Ciney and Braibant will be completely rebuilt. Connexion with the national railway trains at Ciney is thus suspended.[citation needed]

En Lignes/Op Der Baan[edit]

PFT produce a bi-monthly commercial magazine aimed at the Belgian rail enthusiasts, produced in French (En Lignes) and Dutch (Op Der Baan) versions. The name translates to English as On the line.


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