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Military-patriotic recreation park of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin at «Army-2015» 08.jpg
Location Kubinka, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Coordinates 55°33′57.5″N 36°42′56″E / 55.565972°N 36.71556°E / 55.565972; 36.71556Coordinates: 55°33′57.5″N 36°42′56″E / 55.565972°N 36.71556°E / 55.565972; 36.71556
Opening date 2016 (2016)
Theme Military History
Area 5,414 ha (13,380 acres)
A soft opening of the park during Army-2015

Patriot Park is a theme park in Kubinka, Russia that is themed around equipment of the Russian military. The park, which officially opened in 2016,[1] is designed around a military theme, and includes interactive exhibits with military equipment.[2][3][4] The park incorporates the Aviation Museum of the Kubinka air base and the Kubinka Tank Museum.


  • Total land area — 5,414 hectares (54.14 km2)[5]
  • Military base — 3,530 hectares (35.3 km2)[5]
  • Civilian part — 1,884 hectares (18.84 km2)[5]
  • Maximum planned attendance is 20,000 visitors[5]

The shooting range inside Patriot Park has an area of over 160 hectares (1.6 km2)[5] and 32 shooting bays:[6]

  • One 1400 m long shooting bay
  • 21 shooting bays of 300 m length
  • 10 shooting bays of 50 m length

The entire shooting range is more than 2,500 m wide,[6] and each bay has a stand with seats for spectators and participants. There is also firearm storage facilities, changing rooms and a restaurant. The total grandstand capacity is over 2,000 people.[6]

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