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Military-patriotic recreation park of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin at «Army-2015» 08.jpg
ThemeMilitary History
Area5,414 ha (13,380 acres)
WebsiteOfficial website
Kubinka, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Coordinates55°33′57.5″N 36°42′56″E / 55.565972°N 36.71556°E / 55.565972; 36.71556Coordinates: 55°33′57.5″N 36°42′56″E / 55.565972°N 36.71556°E / 55.565972; 36.71556
Opened2016 (2016)
A soft opening of the park during Army-2015

Patriot Park is a theme park in Kubinka, Russia that is themed around equipment of the Russian military. The park, which officially opened in 2016,[1] is designed around a military theme, and includes interactive exhibits with military equipment.[2][3][4]

The park incorporates the Aviation Museum of the Kubinka air base and the Kubinka Tank Museum. The location of the exhibits and the restrictions for civilian visitors are changed very often without any notifications.[citation needed] In 2020 the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces was completed and plans for an Armed Force Museum are in progress.[5]

The park has hosted International Military-Technical Forum "Army" since 2015.


  • Total land area — 5,414 hectares (54.14 km2)[6]
  • Military base — 3,530 hectares (35.3 km2)[6]
  • Civilian part — 1,884 hectares (18.84 km2)[6]
  • Maximum planned attendance is 20,000 visitors[6]

The shooting range inside Patriot Park has an area of over 160 hectares (1.6 km2)[6] and 32 shooting bays:[7]

  • One 1400 m long shooting bay
  • 21 shooting bays of 300 m length
  • 10 shooting bays of 50 m length

The entire shooting range is more than 2,500 m wide,[7] and each bay has a stand with seats for spectators and participants. There are also firearm storage facilities, changing rooms and a restaurant. The total grandstand capacity is over 2,000 people.[7]


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