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Saint Augustine, in whose honour the Patristic Institute was established.

The Patristic Institute Augustinianum (Latin: Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum) is a Catholic institution of higher education in Rome. It is responsible for the study of patristic theology, the history and theology of the Church Fathers.


The Institute is considered a direct continuation of the fourteenth-century Studium Generale in Rome which belonged to the Augustinian order, later alongside the Biblioteca Angelica. It was established by the Augustinians and retains the name of Saint Augustine in their honour. In 1873 the two institutions were separated and the forerunner to the Institute moved to its current location on the Via Paolo VI in Rome.[1]

In November 1989, the institute was formally established under the Congregation for Catholic Education. Its current president is Rev. Giuseppe Caruso, OSA.[2]


Augustinianum is the peer-reviewed journal of the Institute. It has been published since 1961. It publishes two issues per year containing original research and reviews related to the study of ancient Christian literature and the Fathers of the Church. In 2010, the Institute announced plans to make the journal available electronically, and all issues are now available online.[3]


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