Patsy Fagan

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Patsy Fagan
Born (1951-01-15) 15 January 1951 (age 66)
Dublin, Ireland
Sport country  Ireland
Professional 1976–1993
Highest ranking 11 (1978/79)
Career winnings £41,143 [1]
Highest break 107 (1981 Irish Professional Championship)[1]
Century breaks 3[1]
Best ranking finish Quarter-final (1978 World Championship)[1]
Tournament wins
Non-ranking 3

Patsy Fagan (born 15 January 1951 in Dublin[2]) is a retired Irish professional snooker player.


After winning the first UK Championship in 1977 (when it was a non-ranking event), Fagan seemed destined for a long and successful professional career in the game and was touted as a future world champion, but he became affected by a bout of the "yips". This condition made him reluctant to play shots with the rest when situations demanded it, impairing his ability to compete.[3] He continued playing, despite this problem for some years, before retiring as a professional in 1989, aged 38.

Fagan is currently coach of the Paddington professional Alfred Burden.[4] He also regularly commentates for Eurosport's snooker coverage, particularly across Players Tour Championship events.

Career finals[edit]

Non-ranking finals: 6 (3 titles, 3 runner-ups)[edit]

UK Championship (1–0)
Other (2–3)
Outcome No. Year Championship Opponent in the final Score
Winner 1. 1977 UK Championship Wales Doug Mountjoy 12–9
Winner 2. 1977 Dry Blackthorn Cup Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 4–2
Winner 3. 1978 Suffolk Professional Invitational Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 7–3
Runner-up 1. 1978 Irish Professional Championship Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 13–21
Runner-up 2. 1979 Irish Professional Championship (2) Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 12–21
Runner-up 3. 1981 Irish Professional Championship (3) Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor 21–22

Amateur finals: 1 (1 runner-up)[edit]

Outcome No. Year Championship Opponent in the final Score
Runner-up 1. 1974 English Amateur Championship England Edmonds, RayRay Edmonds 11–4



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