Pattalam (2009 film)

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Directed by Rohan Krishna
Produced by N. Subash Chandra Bose
Written by Rohan Krishna
Sheeba Rohan
Starring Nadiya Moidu
Yuthan Balaji
Kripa G Reddy
Vikash Suresh
Music by Original songs:
Jassie Gift
Background Score
Cinematography E. Krishna Samy
Distributed by N. Lingusamy
Release date
  • 27 March 2009 (2009-03-27)
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget 5.5 crore
Box office 71 crore

Pattalam (English: Crew) is a Tamil language film released in 2009.[1] It stars Nadiya Moidu who plays the role of a school correspondent and psychiatrist who is very close to 9 school going youngsters who are having a blast enjoying their teenage years without any commitments to burden them.[2] Produced by Thirupathi Brothers company.[3]


The film is about two groups of four adolescents in Holy Bells School, who are pitted against each other.[4] Their encounters make up the first part. Daisy (Nadiya Moidu) is the correspondent of the school. A psychologist too, Daisy manages a mental asylum. She believes that students in her school can be disciplined only through love and no hard punishment will reform them. At first two groups of students who are rivals are always seen fighting with each other. At an athletic competition, due to their enmity they come last of all. At this time a former professor of the school who was dismissed from the school due to his harsh punishments taunts Daisy saying that only harsh punishment and scolding can make students disciplined. Seeing the taunts that Daisy is hearing due to them the two rivals join together to make Daisy and the school proud of them. On the other hand, Sakkarai is secretly loving Sophia who is new to their school and stays with him in the asylum of Daisy. In the meanwhile Karthi who is one of the members of the rival gang loses his father due to which his mother deserts him and therefore he too joins Sakkarai and Sophia in their asylum. Karthi sees his dead sister in Sofia and so he is very friendly with her. Thinking that Karthi and Sofia are loving each other Sakkarai plans to kill Karthi. However, after knowing the truth Sakkarai rushes to save Karthi but before that Jerry (Yuthan) comes under the bell and dies. The incident makes Sakkarai mentally unfit. The film ends with Sakkarai hallucinating Jerry's presence.