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Petersen and Donna Reed in 1963.

Patti Petersen Mirkovich (born December 2, 1954), formerly known as Patty Petersen, is a retired American actress.

Petersen was born in Glendale, California, the youngest of three children. When her parents divorced in 1962, she and older brother Paul Petersen moved in with their mother, who later remarried. Paul Petersen costarred on ABC's The Donna Reed Show. Patty was written into the cast as Trisha, an adopted child after Shelley Fabares left the series. She stayed with the show until it ended in 1966.

After many commercials and industrial films, she semi-retired to marry and rear a family of her own. She was a country songwriter/singer for a while. Now known as Patti Petersen Mirkovich, she is a writer and founder of Internovel, an Internet company for novice authors. She is also a teacher of English and computer science at a Roman Catholic school and a volunteer coach for the girls' softball team. She has two children, Tim and Melissa. She is a Mormon[1].


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