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Full namePaulínia Futebol Clube
Nickname(s)PFC ("Paulínia Futebol Clube" abbreviated)
Dinão (Big dinosaur)
Time dos Gladiadores (Gladiators' Team)
o Time da cidade ("The city's team")
FoundedJune 10, 2004
GroundLuís Perissinoto, Paulínia, Brazil
LeagueCampeonato Paulista da Segunda Divisão
2011Campeonato Paulista da Série A3, 17th

Paulínia Futebol Clube, or Paulínia as they are usually called, is a Brazilian football team from Paulínia in São Paulo, founded on June 10, 2004.

Home stadium is the Luís Perissinoto, with a capacity of 10,070. They play in purple shirts, white shorts and socks.


Paulínia was founded on June 10, 2004.

On January 1, 2008, Paulínia began its professional football activities.



Paulínia's stadium is Estádio Municipal Luís Perissinoto, inaugurated in 2006, with a maximum capacity of 10,070 people.


Paulínia FC have a rivalry mainly with Sumaré, SEV Hortolândia, Primavera and Capivariano. There is also rivalry with Clube Atlético Guaçuano, Inter de Limeira and Ponte Preta.

Symbols and colors[edit]

Paulínia's mascot is a dinosaur, whose name is Dino Paulino, it was chosen in 2009, in a popular contest. The original colors of Paulínia were purple and white.


Paulínia Futebol Clube is sometimes called PFC, which is "Paulínia Futebol Clube" abbreviated. It is also called "Time dos Gladiadores" (Gladiator's Team), nickname given by a newspaper of the city of Paulínia, and too "o Time da cidade" (city's team).


  • Torcida Uniformizada do Paulínia (TUP - Paulinia's Uniformed Torcida)
  • Fúria Azul (Blue Fury)


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