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Paul Lawrence Adderley (15 August 1928 – 19 September 2012)[1] was a Bahamian politician and lawyer. He was the longest serving Attorney General of the 20th century, holding the post for 17 years.[2] He served as acting Governor-General of the Bahamas from 1 December 2005 until 1 February 2006.[3][4]

Adderley was originally a member of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) under Lynden Oscar Pindling. However, Adderley left the PLP in 1965 and established the National Development Party (NDP) political party.[3] He returned to the PLP shortly before the Bahamas achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1973.[3] On 1 March 1973, he was appointed Minister of External Affairs and on 10 July 1973 became the country's first – and ultimately longest serving[5] – Attorney General.[1]

Adderley retired from politics, remaining an active attorney as of 2010.[3] In September 2010, he appeared in the documentary film On the Wings of Men, about Lynden Oscar Pindling by Bahamian filmmaker Calvin Harris.[3]

Adderley died on 19 September 2012, aged 84,[6] and was given a state funeral on 28 September.[7]


At a ceremony on 27 June 2014,[8] the building housing the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) and the Ministry of Legal Affairs was named in honour of Paul L. Adderley.[5][9][10]


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