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Paul Andrews
Occupation CEO
Employer Andrews UK

Paul Andrews (born September 1967) is the current CEO of the digital publisher Andrews UK Limited,[1] in Luton, UK. He was most famous previously for his involvement with the retro gaming scene in the UK, (and the founding of a games company Alten8), both through physical retail of classic games, and development of retro titles on modern formats.[2] Paul has forged close personal connections to classic developers for platforms including the Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum and champions the scene whenever possible.[3]

Paul conceived the original Sinclair Spectrum ZX Vega console, after a meeting with Sir Clive Sinclair, the full story of which is in the book Creating the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega.[4] Paul along with fellow director and founder Chris Smith, left the company created as a vehicle for that console, Retro Computers Ltd in April 2016, before the campaign for its second proposed product the Vega+ console had finished, and the company was left in the sole control of David Levy from that point.

The founder and creator of retro gaming hub Retro-Trader, Andrews was responsible for the running (according to the Alexa Internet Traffic Ranking system) the one-time world's most popular online retro Classic Game store.[5]

Recently, Andrews has moved into writing for film and television, and is the writer and producer of Concrete Surfer[6] and A Dream of Christmas 4D.[7][8] Since 2010, Andrews has also been working on several film and TV projects,[9] such as The Book Show[10] with co-host James Whale.

Andrews also has on-going involvement or association with numerous other technology start-up ventures, and often consults, or advises these technology incubator companies.


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