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Paul Anthony (born 1955) is a senior executive who has played prominent roles in several major energy corporations in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Anthony has operated in chief executive officer, executive chair and non-executive positions within the energy sector internationally.

Life and career[edit]

Anthony's career began in the UK electricity industry. His roles have included Executive Vice President of British Gas Group,[1][2] and a series of executive positions with PowerGen,[2] which Anthony helped lead through the United Kingdom privatisation process in the 1990s. He worked with UK investment house Doughty Hanson and ran its wholly owned investment in LM Glasfiber.[3]

Anthony was founding Chief Executive Officer of New Zealand's Contact Energy, leading the company from February 1996 until after its move from a public utility to being privately owned in 1999. He resigned in 2000.[4]

Anthony was Chief Executive Officer of Energy Power Resourcesfrom 2002 to 2005,[5] one of the United Kingdom’s largest renewable energy companies.[citation needed]

In October 2005, Anthony was appointed Chief Executive of LM Wind Power.[6]

Anthony was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Australian energy company AGL Energy. He became AGL’s Chief Executive Officer with effect from 3 April 2006 and Managing Director on 1 May 2006. He was dismissed by the AGL board on 21 October 2007.[7][8]


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