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Paul B. Davies, also known as Paul Bassett,[1] is a British actor and writer.


His writing credits include: Spitting Image; Alas Smith and Jones; Rory Bremner; Jasper Carrot; Brogue Male; KYTV; Hello Mum; Up Your News; Midweek on BBC Radio 4; News Huddlines and At Home with the Hardys (with Jeremy Hardy).

His awards include Best Film at New York Film and Video Festival and IVCA Best Script award. He has also scripted music videos for everyone from Kate Bush to Ken Russell.


He was a scriptwriter for the The Magic Roundabout film and Grass Roots


He appeared as a performer in these shows:


  1. ^ Both names are listed at IMDB. The Grass Roots movie biography for Paul makes it clear that they are one and the same.

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