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Paul Michael Barry is a British songwriter and musician. Some of his best-known songs include "Believe" by Cher, and "Hero" and "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias. He has won three Ivor Novello Awards and ASCAP PRS writer of the year 2000. He has scored three U.S. number-one singles, as well as other number-ones around the world.

His songs have been recorded by Lionel Richie, James Morrison, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Lemar, Craig David, Tina Turner, Britney Spears, Rod Stewart, Lara Fabian, Ronan Keating, Esmee Denters, JLS, Rebecca Ferguson, The Vamps and most recently, James Bay, Nelly Furtado, among others.[citation needed]

He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland UK where his band first signed with Bruce Findlay's Zoom Records as lead singer with The Questions while still at high school. Whilst attending University where he studied Geology he went onto pursue his dream with his band signed to Paul Weller's Respond Record label and released one album (and some singles) entitled 'Belief'. He co-wrote "The House That Jack Built" for Tracie Young reaching number 9 in the UK chart at that time also. He also pursued a solo career and co-formed the band God's Gift releasing again one album (and some singles). He performed in a covers band Frett Monkey for some years also and found commercial success co-writing Believe and other hits by himself. He can play various instruments including guitar, piano, bass and has a great soul voice.

Songwriting career[edit]

Barry has five songs on the multi-platinum Cher LP Believe, including “Strong Enough” and "Believe”. He has also co-written more songs for Cher including "Song for the Lonely” and "The Music's No Good Without You" from the Living Proof album. Barry worked with Enrique Iglesias, initially writing for and later collaborating with him. He has been a source of eight singles from four albums for Iglesias: "Hero", "Bailamos” and "Be With You", the latter two songs reaching the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. "Hero" stayed at number three in the US for four weeks, and was number one in the UK and several other countries. Other hits include "Rhythm Divine", "Love to See You Cry" and "Not in Love" (featuring Kelis).[citation needed]

Barry worked with Lionel Richie for his Renaissance album, co-writing six songs, including the singles "Angel", "Don’t Stop the Music" and "Tender Heart", then on five songs for Richie's Just for You album, including the title track.

He co-wrote the Bryan McFadden/Delta Goodrem duet "Almost Here", which first brought the two artists together, and was number one in Ireland and Australia, as well as number three in the UK. More recently Barry worked with James Morrison on two songs for his Songs for You, Truths for Me album, including the first single "You Make It Real". He also contributed two songs to JLS debut album JLS and Another World to The Vamps debut album, "Meet the Vamps".[citation needed] Barry has recently co-written new artist James Bay's single "Let It Go", and he's currently working with Anggun for her sixth international album. He currently co-wrote Nelly Furtado's songs "Phoenix" and "Bliss", both also co-written by Mark Taylor, for her sixth album The Ride.

Selected singles discography[edit]

Artist Song Notes
Cher "Believe" US #1, UK #1
"Strong Enough" US dance #1, UK #5
"All Or Nothing" US dance #1, UK #12
"Dov'è l'amore" US dance #1
"The Music's No Good Without You" UK #8
"Song for the Lonely" US dance #1
Enrique Iglesias "Bailamos" US #1, UK #4
"Be With You" US #1
"Hero" US #3, UK #1
"Rhythm Divine" US #32
"Love to See You Cry" UK #12
"To Love a Woman" featuring Lionel Richie
"Not in Love" featuring Kelis, US dance #1, UK #5
Addicted" UK #11
Lionel Richie "Angel"
"Just for You"
Lara Fabian "I Will Love Again" US #32, US dance #1
James Morrison "You Make It Real" UK #7
Bryan McFadden and Delta Goodrem "Almost Here" UK #3, AUS #1
Lemar "Someone Should Tell You" UK #11
Craig David "Unbelievable" UK #18
Celine Dion "Stand by Your Side"
Natalie Bassingthwaighte "Someday Soon" AUS #7
The Tamperer "Hammer to the Heart" UK #6
Gina G "Fresh!" UK #6
"Ti Amo" UK #11
Rod Stewart "Don't Come Around Here" featuring Helicopter Girl


  • ASCAP PRS, Writer of the year 2000
  • ASCAP PRS, Song of the year 1999 "Believe"
  • ASCAP PRS, Song of the year 2002 "Hero"
  • IVOR NOVELLO, Best Song musically/lyrically 1998 "Believe"
  • IVOR NOVELLO, Best Selling UK single 1998 "Believe"
  • IVOR NOVELLO, International Hit of the year 1998 "Believe"
  • Nominated - IVOR NOVELLO, International Hit of year 2001 "Hero"
  • Nominated - IVOR NOVELLO, Best Selling UK single 2002 "Hero"
  • Grammy Awards, Best Dance Song 2000 "Believe"
  • Nominated Best, Dance Song 2001 "Be with You"
  • Nominated Best, Dance Song 2002 "Angel"

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