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Biwott finishing at the 2009 Amsterdam Marathon

Paul Biwott (born 18 April 1978) is a Kenyan long-distance runner, who specialises in road running, particularly the marathon.


Among his earliest victories was the 2001 Route du Vin Half Marathon, which he won in a time of 1:03:05.[1] He was the winner of the Marseille-Cassis Classique Internationale in 2003.[2] Biwott took on the marathon distance at the Paris Marathon in 2004 and, in spite of stopping mid-race due to cramp, he continued to record a time of 2:10:30, which was enough for third place behind Ambesse Tolosa and Raymond Kipkoech.[3] He returned to Paris in 2005 and had a personal best run of 2:08.18, finishing second only to Salim Kipsang.[4] He also managed to finish seventh at the 2005 World Championships that year.

At the 2007 Eindhoven Marathon Biwott took second place with a time of 2:09:56, finishing behind Philip Singoei who ran a course record.[5] In 2009, Biwott won the Groet uit Schoorl Half Marathon.[6] In the 2009 season he was third at both the Vienna Marathon and JoongAng Seoul Marathon. Biwott's personal best time is 2:07:02 hours, achieved when he finished third in the 2009 Amsterdam Marathon.[7] He came close to winning the Eindhoven Marathon in October 2010, but was beaten in a sprint finish by both Charles Kamathi and Nicholas Chelimo and took third place behind them by a margin of two seconds.[8]

Biwott was the runner-up behind Hailu Mekonnen at the 2011 Tokyo Marathon.[9][10] His second marathon outing of the year came at the Amsterdam Marathon, where he ran a personal best of 2:06:54 hours, yet only came sixth in a fast finishing field.[11] He was over three minutes slower at the 2012 Hamburg Marathon and finished in seventh place.[12]


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