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Lieutenant colonel Paul A. Bloomquist

Paul A. Bloomquist (30 October 1932 – 11 May 1972) was a US Army officer in the Vietnam War and the first American killed in a bombing attack of the Red Army Faction.

He served from 1964 to 1965 in Vietnam in the 57th Med. Det. and from 1968 to 1969 in the 498. Med. Com. He received the Purple Heart three times and was the 1964 "Army Aviator of the Year". After his time in Vietnam he was Chief of a battalion in Frankfurt. MAJ Paul Bloomquist was CO of the 45th MB 3AD Hanau, Germany in 1971. He made LTC soon thereafter. He was on assignment to V Corps working on a drug rehab program for troops. Bloomquist was killed by a bombing attack by the Red Army Faction on the Headquarters of the V Corps in the IG Farben Building in Frankfurt.[1]

Bloomquist was inducted into the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame,[2] which honors Army Medical personnel engaged in Army aeromedical evacuation programs. The Dustoff Hall of Fame states the following: "LTC Paul A. Bloomquist exemplified the DUSTOFF spirit throughout his brilliant career. Spending nearly 35 months in Vietnam, he earned 4 awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross, 37 Air Medals, and 3 Purple Hearts. One DFC citation reports that even though he was wounded himself, he continued flying for nearly 13 hours during which time he rescued many casualties under heavy enemy fire. He was selected “Army Aviator of the Year” in 1964 and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce honored him as an “Outstanding Young American.” Following a highly successful battalion command in Germany, his life was cut short when a terrorist group exploded several bombs at the V Corps Headquarters in Frankfurt. In recognition of his faithful service, the US Army installation at Ziegenberg, Germany, home of the 68th Medical Group, was renamed “Camp Paul Bloomquist.” He left behind a legacy of unmatched excellence and dedication for other DUSTOFF pilots and crews to follow. Paul Bloomquist was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 22 February 2003."

As a native of Orem, Utah, LTC Bloomquist was also inducted into the Utah Aviation Hall of Fame, which is located at the Hill Aerospace Museum, Hill AFB, UT, in 2010.

Popular culture[edit]

The song "Terror Couple Kill Colonel" by English band Bauhaus subtly mentions the assassination of Paul Bloomquist.