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Paul Ralph Brecken (born: 1886 Halifax, Nova Scotia died: September 4, 1960, Calgary, Alberta) was a municipal and provincial level politician and World War I veteran and teacher from Alberta, Canada.

Early life[edit]

Paul completed High School in 1908. In 1909 and went on to the University of Toronto. He attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Science. In 1910 He married his wife Jessie Copeland from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The two of them moved to Calgary before the outbreak of World War I. Paul became general secretary of the YMCA in Calgary.

Military career[edit]

Paul left to fight overseas as an officer for the Canadian Army 4th Brigade in 1914. He was wounded in action in 1918 and returned home. He became a longtime member of the Royal Canadian Legion after his military career.

Teaching career[edit]

After Paul returned home from the war, he went back to school attending Normal School in Edmonton, Alberta. He graduated in 1921.

He then became a High School teacher at Crescent Heights High School in Calgary, Alberta and taught from 1921 to 1951. Near the end of his teaching career, Paul got involved in city politics winning a seat as an Alderman.

During his teaching years Paul became a member and later General Secretary of the Kiwanis Capital District, and also had involvement with the Canadian Club.

Municipal politics[edit]

Paul Brecken served 2 stints as an Alderman for the City of Calgary. The first was a period of a year from January 1, 1948 to December 31, 1949. He then served his last stint as Alderman from January 1, 1952 to September 4, 1960 the date of his death. He also served as a provincial representative during the years 1952 to 1955.

Provincial politics[edit]

Paul Brecken was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a member of the Conservative party in the 1952 Alberta general election. Paul served 1 term in the Legislative Assembly before his defeat in the 1955 Alberta general election.

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