Paul Chung

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Paul Chung
Chinese name 鍾保羅 (traditional)
Chinese name 钟保罗 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhōng Bǎoluó (Mandarin)
Jyutping Zung Bou Lo (Cantonese)
Birth name David Chan 陳振民
Born (1959-04-05)5 April 1959
Flag of Hong Kong (1959-1997).svg Hong Kong
Died 1 September 1989(1989-09-01) (aged 30) (Suicide)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor , MC , DJ (early 80s)
Years active 1978-1989

Paul Chung (Chinese: 钟保罗; pinyin: Zhōng Bǎoluó; Jyutping: Zung Bou Lo; 5 April 1959 – 1 September 1989) was a Hong Kong actor, MC (Master of Ceremonies) and a DJ in the early 1980s. He committed suicide on Friday, 1 September 1989.


Paul Chung was originally a host in Commercial Radio. He was a member of a 13-people DJ group, including Brenda Lo , Winnie Yu and Suzie Wong (TV host), so-called "6 pair-half". In 1981, he had dispute with Commercial radio, and then turned to Asia Television (ATV/RTV) to cast several TV drama. He became popular when he co-operated with Danny Chan and Leslie Cheung to cast two films.

He turned to TVB in 1985, hosting a lot of TV shows like Miss Hong Kong Pageant and Enjoy Yourself Tonight (EYT). He was praised by media, also being said to be "the best host of Miss Hong Kong".

He committed suicide on 1 September 1989 in his home of Shatin City One. Many reports said he had a lot of debts from gambling before his death.



Year Film's Name Character Director Starring with
1980 Encore (1980 film) Paul Danny ChanLeslie CheungMary Jean Reimer Lau
1980 The Beasts Louis Patricia ChongKent Cheng
1981 On Trial (1981 film) Paul Clarence Fok Danny Chan、Leslie Cheung
1985 Carry On Doctors and Nurses Paul Lo Anthony Chan (actor) Anthony Chan (actor)Lawrence ChengKeith KwanAlfred CheungSandy LambAmy Chan

Drama (RTV / ATV)[edit]

Year Name Character Starring With
1981 I.Q. 100 Ah Man Patricia ChongKenneth ChoiBlanche TangDang Wai-Si
1981 Agency 24 Rosamund KwanLeslie CheungMax Mok( replacing Paul after an accident during shooting )


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