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Paul Courbis (born 3 November 1967), is a French programmer, mostly known for reverse engineering the HP-28 and then the HP 48 series of calculators, and writing multiple articles and books disclosing his findings. These books had a surprising success in France.

Very soon, a team of enthusiasts formed, gathering around Maubert Electronique, a small electronics shop in Paris' Latin Quarter, and developing a large number of utilities and games (one of the most impressing one was Pac-Man for the 48, one of the first programs using the hardware scrolling device of the 48). Most of these programs are still available and can be traced back to the original reverse-engineering published by Paul Courbis.

Paul Courbis is the chief information officer at the French Ordre National des Médecins, he is also working during his spare time on a set of tools to help people administrating Alcatel's PABX (for the 4400 series). He also publishes various tricks (iPhone, shells scripts, etc.) on his web site.


With many of the books being now out of print, Paul Courbis arranged for them to be available on-line:

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  • An expandable RPL interpreter written in object-oriented C.

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