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Paul D. Lynn Ph.D., (American, born 1964), is a late Egyptian/Early Coptic Art Historian/Conservator and is currently co-chair of the CCBDD Journal and Research Committee.[1]

Research Contributions: Dr. Lynn has completed relevant research contributions in the areas of: cartonnage materials science testing,[2] pigment analysis and reconstruction,[3] conservation collections analysis,[4] as well as significant research and documentation in the area of Greco-Roman period Coptic funerary iconometry.[5][6]

Lynn is an active Egyptologist advocating current international restitution policies and guidelines regarding returning objects of significant artistic and historic value to their countries of origin.[7] He also espouses current trends in the conservation of historically significant objects and sites which attempt to leave culturally sensitive artifacts undisturbed when possible and to utilize all forms of non-destructive testing wherever practical.


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