Paul Dorrington

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Paul Dorrington
Background information
Years active1985–present
Associated actsAC Temple
Tse Tse Fly
The Wedding Present

Paul Dorrington is an English guitarist and bassist best known for his 1991-1995 tenure in The Wedding Present.

Dorrington joined Sheffield group AC Temple in 1985,[1] and recorded Rorschach Blot Test, a live compilation album featuring The Dustdevils and Kilgore Trout. In 1988 he formed Tse Tse Fly with Mark Goodrham and future Wedding Present and Cinerama guitarist Simon Cleave.

In 1991, Paul Dorrington joined The Wedding Present on guitar, recording The Hit Parade 1, Hit Parade 2 and Watusi albums before leaving in 1995.[1] Dorrington was also the guitarist of Cha Cha Cohen, recording a single on Hemiola records and an album on Chemikal Underground Records.


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