Paul Einzig

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Paul Einzig
Born 1897
Died 1973
Occupation Writer
Years active 1897 - 1973

Paul Einzig (1897–1973) was an economic and political writer and journalist. He wrote 57 books, alongside many articles for newspapers and journals, and regular columns for the newspapers Financial News and Commercial and Financial Chronicle.[1]

He was born in Braşov, Transylvania,[2] and educated in Hungary, England and France. He took a degree in Doctor of Political and Economic Sciences at the University of Paris from 1921 to 1923. He moved to England in 1919, becoming a citizen in 1929. He had a wife, Ruth, a son, Richard and a daughter.[3]


  • How Money is Managed - The Ends and Means of Monetary Policy, (1954)
  • The History of Foreign Exchange, (1962)
  • "Primitive Money In its Ethnological, Historical and Economic Aspects", (1949, R1951, RR1963)


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