Paul Elden Kingston

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Paul Elden Kingston
Paul Elden Kingston.jpg
Prophet and Presiding Priesthood Leader[1]
August 25, 1987 (1987-08-25)
Predecessor John Ortell Kingston
Personal details
Born United States
Spouse(s) up to 27
Children up to 300[2]
Parents John Ortell Kingston

Paul Elden Kingston has been the leader of the Mormon fundamentalist Latter Day Church of Christ and the Davis County Cooperative Society in the USA since 1987. Skinner Kingston succeeded his father John Ortell Kingston as the leader of the Kingston Clan on his father's death in 1987. During his tenure, Kingston has followed his father's practice of plural, child, and intra-family marriage.[3]

In 2006, it was estimated that Paul Kingston had up to 27 wives (including three half-sisters of his),[4] some of whom have up to eighteen children.[5]


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Latter Day Church of Christ
Preceded by
John Ortell Kingston
Prophet and Presiding Priesthood Leader
July 8, 1948 (1948-07-08) -