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Paul Felix Hoffman, FRSC, OC (born March 21, 1941) is a Canadian geologist and Sturgis Hooper Professor Emeritus of Geology at Harvard University. He specializes in the Precambrian era and is widely known for the theory of the Snowball Earth about phenomena that occurred in the Neoproterozoic era, co-published with Daniel P. Schrag.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, he received the B.Sc. from McMaster University in 1964, the M.Sc. from Johns Hopkins University in 1965, and was awarded a Ph.D. by Johns Hopkins University in 1970, where his doctoral advisor was Francis J. Pettijohn.

Paul Hoffman formerly worked for the Geological Survey of Canada, but is currently residing at the University of Victoria School of Earth and Ocean Science in Canada.

He is also the brother of Abby Hoffman, an Olympic champion in track and field. Both have received the Order of Canada for accomplishments in different fields.



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