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Paul F. Jadin (born May 2, 1955) was the 40th mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin, from 1995 to 2003.

Paul Jadin won his first general election with 55% of the vote and was the first mayor of Green Bay in over fifty years to run for re-election unopposed.[1]

Prior to his election, Jadin had been the city's personnel director. After leaving office, he became president of the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.[2] He resigned the position on December 28, 2010. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed as the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce in Governor Scott Walker's cabinet.[3] In September 2012, CEO/Secretary Paul Jadin resigned from his position in the former Wisconsin Department of Commerce, which had become the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), to take a position with Thrive, which serves an eight-county region around Madison, Wisconsin. [4]


He married Jane M. Stangel on August 27, 1982; they have four children: Erin, Michael, Charles, and George.


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