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Paul Fauconnet (March 13, 1874 in Saint-Denis – 1938) was a French sociologist who is best known as a contributor to the L'Année Sociologique.

Fauconnet aggregated in philosophy in 1892 and earned his doctorate in philosophy in 1895. He also earned a further doctorate in law in 1920, although his interest in the law was purely scholarly and he never practiced as a lawyer. He became a professor at the faculty of letters in 1907 at the University of Toulouse and later chargé de cours at the faculty of letters in 1921 in Paris, obtaining a chair in 1932. His dissertation was entitled La responsabilité: Etude de sociologie (Paris: Alcan, 1920; 2nd edn 1928). It adopts and develops Emile Durkheim's teachings on the nature of criminal justice and punishment.

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