Paul Grohmann

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Paul Grohmann
Paul Grohmann Zeichnung Ernst Platz.jpg
Personal information
Born(1838-06-12)12 June 1838
Vienna, Austrian Empire
Died29 July 1908(1908-07-29) (aged 70)
OccupationMountaineer, writer
Climbing career
Known forDolomites first ascents

Paul Grohmann (12 June 1838 – 29 July 1908) was an Austrian mountaineer and writer.


Grohmann was a pioneer in exploring technically challenging mountains and is thought to have made more first ascents of Eastern Alps summits than anyone else. Among these are the four highest summits in the Dolomites. In 1862, Grohman, Friedrich Simony and Edmund von Mojsvár founded the Austrian Alpine Club. This was the second mountaineering club in the world, following the founding of the British Alpine Club in 1857.

In 1875, he published a detailed map of the Dolomites (Karte der Dolomit-Alpen) and, in 1877, the travel book Wanderungen in den Dolomiten, which significantly stimulated mountain tourism in the area.

In his honor, the as yet unclimbed Sasso di Levante in the Langkofel Dolomites was renamed Grohmannspitze in 1875. The west peak of the Kellerspitzen in the Carnic Alps, which he first-ascended in 1868, is also known as Grohmannspitze. Already in 1898, 10 years before his death, the town of Urtijëi erected a monument to honor his many first ascents in the Dolomites. Since 1984 there is a Grohmann street in Vienna's Donaustadt district.

First ascents[edit]

Grohmann's map of 1875

Among the many peaks he and his guides were the first to ascend are:


Grohmann's map detail with Langkofel and Sella
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