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Roman Empire from the Battle of Actium to the era of Diocletian by Paul Guiraud and Georges Lacour-Gayet, published by Erhard, Paris

Paul Guiraud (January 15, 1850 – February 25, 1907) was a French historian born in Cenne-Monestiés, a commune located in the department of Aude. He was the brother of historian Jean Guiraud.[1]

Paul Guiraud was a professor of Greek history to the faculties at Douai and Toulouse, and later a lecturer at the École Normale Supérieure. In 1906 he was elected a member of the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques.

Written works[edit]

Among his better written efforts were an 1896 biography of his former teacher, Fustel de Coulanges (1830–1889), and a work titled "Vie privée et la vie publique des Grecs" (Private and public life in ancient Greece). Other written works by Guiraud include:

  • Le Différend entre César et le Sénat (59-49 av. J.-C.) (Differences between Caesar and the Senate (59-49 BC), (1878).
  • Les Assemblées provinciales dans l'Empire romain (The provincial assemblies in the Roman Empire), (1887).
  • La Propriété foncière en Grèce jusqu'à la conquête romaine (Greek regions prior to the Roman Conquest), (1893).
  • La Main-d'œuvre industrielle dans l'ancienne Grèce (Industrial labor in Ancient Greece), (1900).
  • Études économiques sur l'antiquité (Economic studies on antiquity), (1905).


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