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Paul Haines (1933 – January 21, 2003) was a poet and jazz lyricist. Born in Vassar, Michigan, Haines eventually settled in Canada after spending time in Europe, India, and New York City; he had a long stint as a French teacher at Fenelon Falls Secondary School, in Ontario, Canada.

Haines's best-known work is Escalator over the Hill, a collaboration with Carla Bley.

Haines's daughter Emily Haines is a songwriter and musician with Metric, Broken Social Scene, and Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. Another daughter, Avery Haines, is a Canadian television journalist and television show host.



  • Third World Two (1981)
  • Secret Carnival Workers (2007)


  • Darn It! Poems by Paul Haines, Musics by Many (1994)
  • A Beautiful Western Saddle (with Curlew, 1993)
  • Tropic Appetites (with Carla Bley, 1974)
  • Escalator Over the Hill (with Carla Bley, 1971)
  • The Memphis Years (with Curlew, 2000)
  • Trace (with Roof, 1997)
  • Which Side Are You On (with 4Walls)
  • American Clave Anthology

Other writing about Paul Haines[edit]

  • *Sub Rosa* [Peterborough, Ontario, Canada], vol. 5 No. 1, Spring 1995 issue devoted entirely to "Paul Haines: Poetry/ Video/ Jazz", by Tom Sekowski, Stuart Broomer, Roswell Rudd and Michel Contat. Edited by Daniel Kernohan.
  • "Paul Haines" by Andrew Jones, *Jazziz*, November 1995
  • "Paul Haines / Now Can You Tell Me: An Article by Stuart Broomer: Words and Music: A Beautiful Western Saddle", *Coda Magazine*, July/August 1995
  • "Paul Haines - The Musical Psychic", by Tom Sekowski. *Exclaim!* [Canada], March 1995
  • "Paul Haines - Man with a Future Vision", by Tom Sekowski, The Newspaper [Toronto, Canada], 11/23/94an."


  • Jubilee (1992, 21 mins)
  • Our Rudd's Golden Curtain (1992, 19 mins)
  • Learning to Cope with Hope (1992, 3 mins)
  • An All-Ethnic Electric Program (1992 transfer from 1966 16mm., 25 mins)
  • Curlew: Paul Haines Set to Music (1989, 44 mins)
  • Rice Scented in our Absence (1983, 33 mins)
  • Third World Two (1981, 50mins)--50 poems (French and English) read or sung by an all-star cast, with original music by Carla Bley, Derek Bailey, Steve Swallow and Sheila Jordan."
  • Understanding an Interruption; 16 Musics (1981, 60 mins)--Paul Bley, Rudd-Lacy, Albert Ayler, Mike Mantler, Gary Burton, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Larry Dubin-CCMC, Carla Bley, Monica Zetterland, Stuart Broomer, and Kip Hanrahan.

Haines produced a number of audio cassette "mystery tapes", mostly drawn from his personal recording collection. These were not commercially issued but only passed around to friends and associates.

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