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Paul Hanley
Hanley performing in February 1981
Hanley performing in February 1981
Background information
Birth namePaul A. Hanley
Born (1964-02-18) 18 February 1964 (age 58)
Manchester, England
GenresIndie rock, punk rock
Occupation(s)Musician, Songwriter, Writer
Years active1980–present
LabelsBeggars Banquet, Castle, Chaos Tapes, Cog Sinister, Cottage, Flying Nun, Kamera, Newmemorabilia, Receiver, Rough Trade, Sanctuary, Strange Fruit, Blang Records, Grit Over Glamour

Paul Hanley (born 18 February 1964) is an English writer and drummer. He has been the drummer for the Fall (1980–1985);Tom Hingley and the Lovers, and Brix & the Extricated, all alongside his brother Steve Hanley.[1]


Paul Hanley was the drummer in the Fall between 1980 and 1985.[2] For much of that time he was part of a two-drummer line-up with Karl Burns and also played keyboards. He was preceded as a member of the Fall by his brother, Steve, who remained in the band for a further 13 years.[3]

In 2001 Paul began playing with his brother Steve again, this time as part of former Inspiral Carpets singer Tom Hingley's group The Lovers. The Lovers' first album, Abba Are The Enemy was released in 2004. Their second, Highlights, was released in March 2008.

The Hanley brothers were briefly members of fellow ex-Fall member Martin Bramah's group Factory Star. They subsequently joined Brix & the Extricated, (fronted by ex-Fall member Brix Smith Start), who released three albums: Part 2 (2017), Breaking State (2018) and Super Blood Wolf Moon (2019).

Hanley's first book Leave The Capital,[4] a treatise on the rise of Manchester's recording industry, was published in November 2017 by Route Books.[5] His second book Have a Bleedin Guess, which describes the making and impact of The Fall's Hex Enduction Hour, was published in October 2019, also by Route Books.[6] In 2021 Paul and Steve began hosting the Fall podcast 'Oh! Brother', interviewing other Fall members, people involved with the group and fans from the world of music about their relationship with The Fall.[7] He is also a frequent guest on the Temporary Fandoms podcast, where he has appeared on episodes about Buzzcocks and Arthur Lee's Love.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Paul Hanley is married with three children. In 2018 he gained a B.A. (Hons) in English Literature with the Open University.[9]

He once appeared as a contestant on the ITV quiz show, The Chase, which was shown as a repeat on 9 August 2019, and again on 6 April 2021, but was eliminated, playing for £7000 in the first round.


With The Fall[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

Album Date of Release Label
(After the Gramme)
17 November 1980 Rough Trade Records
Slates 27 April 1981 Rough Trade Records
Hex Enduction Hour 8 March 1982 Kamera Records
Room To Live
(Undilutable Slang Truth!)
27 September 1982 Kamera Records
Perverted By Language 12 December 1983 Rough Trade Records
The Wonderful and
Frightening World
of The Fall
8 October 1984 Beggars Banquet Records
Bend Sinister 29 September 1986 Beggars Banquet Records

Live albums[edit]


  • 1984 Call For Escape Route
  • 1993 Kimble


  • 1980 How I Wrote "Elastic Man"
  • 1980 Totally Wired
  • 1981 Lie Dream of a Casino Soul
  • 1982 Look, Know
  • 1982 Marquis Cha Cha
  • 1983 The Man Whose Head Expanded
  • 1983 Kicker Conspiracy/Wings
  • 1984 Oh! Brother
  • 1984 C.R.E.E.P.
  • 1986 Living Too Late


  • 1983 Perverted By Language Bis (VHS)
  • 2003 Perverted By Language Bis (DVD)
  • 2004 Live at the Hacienda 1983–1985 (DVD)

With Marc Riley and The Creepers[edit]


  • 1984 Cull
  • 1984 Gross Out


  • 1983 Favourite Sister/Carry Mi Card (Daft Head)

With Shout Bamalam[edit]


  • 1987 Ambition, The Groover & Greed

With Tom Hingley and The Lovers[edit]



  • 2003 Yeah

With Brix & The Extricated[edit]



  • 2016 Something to Lose
  • 2017 Damned for Eternity
  • 2017 Moonrise Kingdom
  • 2018 Valentino


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