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Paul Heck (born July 23, 1967) is a veteran music producer associated with the Red Hot Organization (RHO).[1][2]

Early career[edit]

Paul Heck was raised in suburban New Jersey (his childhood photo appears on the No Alternative CD insert). After graduating from Bridgewater-Raritan High School East in 1985, he attended Brown University, majoring in Art History and Economics. In 1989, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in music production. In 1993, Heck channeled his passion for alternative music into a fight to raise awareness and funds to combats the AIDS epidemic both locally in New York City and across the affected world. In this endeavor, Heck partnered with fellow Brown alumni Chris Mundy (a Rolling Stone Senior Writer) and Jessica Kowal (a freelance writer for Newsday) to produce the album No Alternative for the Red Hot Organization (RHO).

The Red Hot Organization[edit]

Heck’s first RHO compilation album, No Alternative, featured Nirvana, the Beastie Boys, Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins, and Uncle Tupelo. This album received an A+ by Entertainment Weekly, and featured original tracks and covers from bands that went on to define the alternative rock scene of the 90s. An MTV special and home video featured live performances, music videos, and information about AIDS for an audience otherwise untargeted by other AIDS organizations.

In 2005, Heck was honored by Brown University as the recipient of the John Hope Award for Public Service.[3]


Jujulele is Heck's music composing and production group. Jujulele collaborators have included members of The National, Antibalas, Joy Zipper, Ryad Kerbouz, Federico Fong, Julia Joseph and many others.

Jujulele's work includes:

  • Composing the score to feature-length documentary film "East of Havana", a film about 3 young rap artists in Cuba and their struggle for survival and self-expression. The film was produced by Charlize Theron and D+D Films and released by SonyBMG Films in 2007.[4]
  • An ongoing collaboration with British luxury shoe designer Beatrix Ong[5]
  • Composing music for clients such as PayPal and Intel

Other Projects[edit]

Heck worked as an A&R for Arista Records and Warner Bros. Records in the mid to late 1990s

Heck worked on these successful albums:

Heck currently works as a music supervisor and develops music strategies and solutions for national and international brands such as Equinox Fitness and Sephora.

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