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Not to be confused with Paul Hensel (politician).

Paul Hugo Hensel (May 17, 1860, Groß-Barthen near Königsberg – November 11, 1930, Erlangen) was a German philosopher, son of the landowner and entrepreneur Sebastian Hensel, brother of the mathematician Kurt Hensel, grandson of the composer Fanny Mendelssohn and the painter Wilhelm Hensel, and a descendant of the philosopher Moses Mendelssohn.

Hensel was born in Groß-Barten near Königsberg, Prussia and became a professor of philosophy at Heidelberg and Erlangen, where he taught until 1928. At Erlangen, Hensel was the supervisor of Hans Reichenbach's dissertation on the theory of probability.


  • Ethisches Wissen und ethisches Handeln, 1889
  • Hauptprobleme der Ethik, 1903
  • Kleine Schriften und Vorträge, 1930

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