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Paul E. Hoffman is an Internet pioneer, based in Santa Cruz, California. Hoffman has been involved with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) since the early 1990s, and has chaired numerous IETF working groups. He was the founder of the Internet Mail Consortium and the Virtual Private Network Consortium. He is currently a technologist at ICANN.


He has authored popular books on technical topics, including Perl for Dummies[1] and Netscape Communicator for Dummies.[2]


He is the author of the following Requests for Comments (RFCs):

RFC2311 RFC2312 RFC2368 RFC2487 RFC2585 RFC2634
RFC2781 RFC2987 RFC3207 RFC3233 RFC3454 RFC3490
RFC3491 RFC3536 RFC3664 RFC3854 RFC3855 RFC4109
RFC4134 RFC4156 RFC4157 RFC4249 RFC4266 RFC4270
RFC4308 RFC4434 RFC4677 RFC4718 RFC4894 RFC5518
RFC5895 RFC5911 RFC5912 RFC5996 RFC6014 RFC6194
RFC6292 RFC6293 RFC6322 RFC6358 RFC6365 RFC6433
RFC6452 RFC6605 RFC6698 RFC6722 RFC6927 RFC7049
RFC7085 RFC7296 RFC7321 RFC7386 RFC7396 RFC7486
RFC7706 RFC7719 RFC7858 RFC7958 RFC7791 RFC7792
RFC7798 RFC8109 RFC8145 RFC8162

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