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Paul Holmes is a British freelance television director and lecturer at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Holme wrote and directed a short film Sniper 470, starring actors Billy Boyd and Carmen Pieraccini. Holmes was nominated for a BAFTA for producing the short A Small Deposit, along with director Eleanor Yule.[1] He also produced and directed a short film Going Down.

Holmes previously worked in children's television, directing drama series such as Newcastle-based Byker Grove He also worked on children's programme Balamory and between 2005-06 Holmes directed several episodes of BBC Scotland's Glasgow-based soap River City.[2][3]


Year Title Notes
1993 A Small Deposit BAFTA Nominated
1997 Going Down TV short
1997 Mr. Wymi 14 Episodes
1998 Hububb Episode "Tee's for Two"
2004 Byker Grove 4 Episodes
2005 Stories of Lost Souls Episode "Sniper 470"


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