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Paul Honeyford (born Manchester, 1958) is an English biographer and writer who has worked on a number of music and sport related materials. His biography of Paul Weller's band The Jam ('The Modern World By Numbers'[1]) was the first such biography, written in consultation with the band at a time when they were at the peak of their success. Other works include 'Michael Jackson: The Golden Touch'[2] and 'Harrison Ford: A Biography'. Honeyford also contributed to a number of English magazines including Vox and Revolver (comics) and acted as consulting editor for a number of cult comics and magazines produced by Quality Communications. For a time he worked with Martin Buchan - a former Manchester United footballer - on a history of Manchester United but this was never completed. He has often worked with Dave Heaven, a musician, on a variety of musical and design projects. An alumnus of Urmston Grammar School he is the son of Raymond Honeyford who became well known in the Eighties over what became known as the Honeyford Affair.[3]


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