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Paul Huljich (born 1952) is a native of New Zealand who moved to the United States in 1998 to seek medical treatment for his bipolar disorder.[1] He is best known as the chairman and joint CEO of New Zealand's Best Corporation, and as American author of two self-help books.[2] His books, The Stress Pandemic and Betrayal of Love and Freedom, seek to teach audiences a drug-free way of overcoming stress.[3][4][5]

Early life[edit]

Paul Huljich was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1952 to Elizabeth Huljich and Peter Steven Huljich, and is the middle child of three brothers.[6] Paul first attended primary school at St. Ignatius Convent, and later attended St. Peter's College for his secondary education. He briefly attended the University of Auckland where he began a degree in Commerce, but did not complete his degree due to several small businesses, from fruit juice and construction, which he started. Huljich experienced a mental breakdown and became a ward of the state in 1998. He sought help from medical experts in the United States and went to Minnesota where he continued his recovery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. After that treatment, he then admitted himself to the Menniger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas.[7] He has not received medical treatment for his bipolar and stress disorder since 2000 and fully cured himself applying 9 Natural Steps.[8]

Paul was married to Susan Crawford 1976 and is now divorced after 23 years, he now has three sons. Mark Richard, Simon Paul and Richard Paul.


Paul, with his brothers, founded Best Corporation in 1985 and continued to run the company until 1998. He served as Chairmen and Joint CEO.[9] The Best Corporation was first listed on the stock exchange in December 1991. It later developed food products in Australia, investing resources into research and development for organic foods. The company specialised in a wide range of foods for export and found great success in developing organic foods for what it considered to be the most demanding market in the world, Japan. The Best Corporation was sold to a multinational food company Dannon in 1993, where it was valued at more than $100 million.[10][11][12] Paul is currently an American author, a member of the American Institute of Stress, as well as the Mwella Community[13] and does speaking tours throughout the United States; he is currently on a 20 'Stress- City' book tour, ending in a "Say 'No' to Stress" Seminar in Maui – Hawaii.[14]


His second book is a stress management and self-help book, published on 30 July 2013, 'Stress Pandemic The Lifestyle Solution (9 Natural Steps to Survive, Master Stress and Live Well)' strives to teach people how to deal with their stress without the use of medication through nine easy steps.[15][16][17] Paul "encourages readers to 'take charge' and be aware 'of your thoughts and desires'".[18][19] In the novel, Huljich uses the 9 natural steps to shape the content and help readers through their stress. The 9 steps are: (1) taking charge, (2) kicking bad habits, (3) learning to say no, (4) affirmations, (5) exercise, (6) nutrition, (7) sleep, (8) the power of awareness, and (9) don’t give up.[20][21][22][23]

Paul's first novel, 'Betrayal of Love and Freedom' is a work of fiction centered on Paul's personal life. It focuses on the life of two men, Luke Powers and Rick Dellich.[24] The book itself is 612 pages, and is broken up into three sections; the first is concerned with Luke Powers, the second covers Rick Dellich's life and the third is a combination of the two and the conclusion of the book. 'Betrayal of Love and Freedom' was published in paperback by Mwella Publishing on 1 May 2010.[25]

The 2nd edition of Stress Pandemic: 9 Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress & Thrive, is the Winner of Gold, in the USA Best Book Award 2014: New Non Fiction, Winner of Gold, in the USA Best Book Award 2014: Self Help and Finalist in USA Best Book Award 2014: Health (Psychology and Mental health), Health ( Addictions and Recovery). He is also the finalist USA Best Book Award 2014: Cover Design – Non Fiction. (EN)[26]

Family relationships[edit]

In 2014 it was reported that Elizabeth Huljich, the 84-year-old mother of the Huljich brothers, had filed an application in the High Court at Auckland for a summary judgment to force her eldest son Christopher Huljich to repay a $264,000 mortgage registered over her St Heliers home. The mortgage dispute is the latest chapter of the long-running family dispute to hit the courts. The wrangle has seen the family split, with Mrs Huljich and Paul lined up against Michael, Christopher and Peter in a tussle for control of finances. Mrs Huljich said she felt Paul had been sidelined from the family business. The internal struggle resulted in Christopher being granted a High Court gagging order in 2012 preventing Paul from circulating a 50-page document outlining his grievances.[27]

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