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Paul Hume has been designing role-playing games since the mid 1970s. He co-wrote, with Bob Charrette, Bushido, Aftermath!, and Daredevils for Fantasy Games Unlimited. He is also a co-author of Shadowrun, among other games.


Paul Hume and George Nyhen designed the role-playing game Space Quest, which was published in 1977 by Tyr Gamemakers.[1] Hume and Bob Charrette designed the game Bushido, which was released to limited distribution by Hume's small press Tyr Games.[2]:130 Bushido was published by Phoenix Games in 1980; Phoenix Games was also getting ready to publish Hume and Charrette's Aftermath! (1981), but as the company went defunct, Fantasy Games Unlimited reprinted Bushido in 1981, and stickered their logo over the Phoenix Games logo on the Aftermath! boxes.[2]:74 Hume and Charrette also collaborated on Daredevils, published by FGU in 1982.[2]:75 Hume and Charette designed the Shadowrun role-playing game, first published in 1989.[3] Hume also designed the Shadowrun adventure Mercurial (1990).[4]:280


The Shadowrun 2nd Edition rules from FASA, by Tom Dowd with Paul Hume and Bob Charrette, won the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules of 1992.[5]


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