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The Most Revd
Paul Kwong
Archbishop of Hong Kong
Province Hong Kong Anglican Church
Diocese Hong Kong Island
Installed 3 February 2007
Term ended incumbent
Predecessor Peter Kwong
Ordination 1983
Consecration 2006
Personal details
Born 1952
Hong Kong
Denomination Anglican
Paul Kwong
Traditional Chinese 鄺保羅
Simplified Chinese 邝保罗

Paul Kwong (Chinese: 鄺保羅) is the second and current Archbishop and Primate of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and Bishop of the Diocese of Hong Kong Island. He was elected and consecrated the bishop of the Diocese of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, on 30 December 2005, and 25 March 2006, respectively. Following his consecration, Kwong took up the post of coadjutor bishop until the retirement of his predecessor, the Most Reverend Peter Kwong. On 15 January 2007, Kwong was installed as the bishop of Hong Kong Island. He was elected the archbishop of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui on 3 February 2007.[1]

Kwong is a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the People's Republic of China, members of which rarely express opinions unpalatable to the Chinese Communist Party. Kwong has been outspoken in support of the Beijing-appointed Hong Kong Government. In a 2014 sermon, Kwong criticised Legislative Councillors and student protestors, telling his congregation that Hong Kong people should be like lambs. "Jesus was silent in front of Pilate. He was, ... a slaughtered lamb, completely silent. Sometimes it is not necessary to speak out. Silence is better than speaking out."[2]

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Anglican Communion titles
Preceded by
Peter Kwong
Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Hong Kong Island
Archbishop of Hong Kong
Primate of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
Order of precedence
Preceded by
Vincent Piket
Head of Office of the European Commission in Hong Kong
Hong Kong order of precedence
Archbishop of Hong Kong
Succeeded by
Sik Chi Wai
President of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association