Paul L. Harris

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Paul L. Harris FBA (born 14 May 1946) is a British psychologist and academic specialising in child development. He is a professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[1]


Harris earned a B.A. in Psychology from Sussex University and a D. Phil. in Psychology and Experimental Psychology from St John's College, Oxford.[1]


Since 2001 he has been a professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education.[2] His research focuses on how children use their imaginations, first-hand experience, and trust in what they're told, to understand the world.[3]


  • The Development of Psychological Understanding, 1989.
  • Perspectives on the Child's Theory of Mind, edited, 1991, with G.E. Butterworth, A.M. Leslie, et H.M. Wellman.
  • Children's Understanding of Emotions 1989, avec C. Saarni.
  • Developing Theories of Mind 1988 with J.W. Astington et D.R. Olson.
  • The Work of the Imagination 2000.
  • Imagining the Impossible: Magical, Scientific, and Religious Thinking in Children, co-editor, 2000, with K. S. Rosengren et C. N. Johnson.
  • Trusting What You’re Told: How Children Learn from Others, 2015.



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