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Paul Leonard-Morgan
Born1974 (age 44–45)
Scotland, United Kingdom
GenresFilm score

Paul Leonard-Morgan (born 1974) is a Scottish composer, particularly known for his work in scoring for television and film. He won a BAFTA award[1] for his first film score, for the film Pineapple.

Early life[edit]

His mother was a music teacher and as a child he learned the piano, violin and recorder.[2] He studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Musical studies.[3]


He was nominated for a BAFTA and an Ivor Novello Award[4] for his score to the ITV drama Fallen. He composed scores for the BBC spy drama Spooks.[5] In 2008 he was chosen by the U.S. Olympic Committee to compose a new U.S. Olympic Team anthem.[6]

In 2007 Leonard-Morgan worked on the documentary J.K. Rowling: A Year In The Life, providing the backing music that went with the film that showed the author working on Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.[7]

Leonard-Morgan's first album, Filmtales, was released in 2007. He composed the soundtrack for the 2011 sci-fi thriller film Limitless.[8][9] He wrote the soundtrack for the 2012 sci-fi film Dredd,[10]for which he was shortlisted for the 2013 World Soundtrack Public Choice Award.[11] He also worked as the composer for the TV series Limitless.

He composed the music for Neil Oliver's 2008 BBC television series A History of Scotland.[12] His score was performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in 2009.[13]

He first became involved with Gaming soundtracks by composing material for Battlefield Hardline which was released in March 2015.[14][15] In May 2016, a trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III was released with a soundtrack scored by Leonard-Morgan;[16] the game is scheduled for release in 2017.[17]

He also composed the intro music for the Amazon Prime Video original series The Grand Tour.

Awards and honours[edit]

In 2000, he won a Scottish BAFTA in the category of "best composer or original sound design" for the soundtrack of Reflections upon the Origin of the Pineapple.[18]



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