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Paul Lidberg
Nationality American
Occupation Game designer

Paul Arden Lidberg is a game designer of board games and role-playing games.


Paul Lidberg of Crunchy Frog Enterprises and Nightshift Games worked for about six months at the Waterloo game store in Phoenix, Arizona that was founded by Scott Bizar of Fantasy Games Unlimited.[1]:76 Lidberg and Douglas Niles designed the board game A Line in the Sand (1991), which depicted the first US-Iraq War; it was one of the projects originating from TSR West, and was published the day the US bombing began thanks to Flint Dille's ability to convince the president of the company to make things move fast.[1]:23

When Lidberg approached FASA about a wider Battletech license, Sam Lewis talked Lidberg into picking up Renegade Legion instead. However, Lidberg discovered that without FASA actively promoting the game, retailers and distributors were not willing to support it; Crunchy Frog Enterprises could not aggressively push the game, so the rights to Renegade Legion reverted to FASA in 1996.[1]:125-126

On October 12, 2012 Lidberg attempted to use the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to fund a new game called The SuperFogeys.[2] On November 28, 2012 the campaign was successfully funded and he received the funding he requested in the campaign. After his successful funding for The SuperFogeys he started a second Kickstarter campaign on January 6, 2013 for a different game called Zombie Stomp The Game. [3] On January 20, 2013 this campaign was also successfully funded and he received the funding he requested in the campaign.[citation needed]


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