Paul Merzbach

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Paul Merzbach
Born 27 November 1888
Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire
Died September 1943
London, United Kingdom
Occupation Film director
Film editor
Years active 1921 - 1942

Paul Merzbach (1888–1943) was an Austrian screenwriter and film director. Merzbach worked in the Ausrian and Germany film industries during the early stages of his career. He worked initially on scripts, but in 1924 he directed his first film. During the late 1920s, Merzbach worked in Sweden before returning to Germany.

Following the Nazi rise to power in 1933, Merzbach went into exile in Britain.[1] He worked in the British film industry for the remainder of his career. His final contribution was the screenplay for Hatter's Castle (1942), directed by Lance Comfort.

Selected filmography[edit]




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